Can characteristics of the moon be used to predict the path of hurricanes?


Our previous blog post focused on a data analytics exercise to examine the unlikely relationship between characteristics of storms and properties of the moon. Unsurprisingly the long established belief that no such meaningful relationship exists held true. Some correlations surfaced but they were mild. However, an interesting side effect from that study was that a merged dataset was generated. Specifically, data related to storms and the position and illumination of the moon were collapsed into a single object. We can now see dates on which storms occurred…


This is the second in a two part series that examines an example of how the principles of enterprise architecture relate to a fictional business. Part one focused on the reference architecture with heavy emphasis on discussing the motivation and strategy layers. This article extends that previous work and focuses on the solution architecture. It will delve more into the practical implementation in technology of the strategies covered as a part of the reference architecture in the prior article. Notably, the reference architecture identified four (4) business processes that are contributory to the strategy — machine learning and data analytics…

Is there a causal relationship between the moon and storms?


The idea that the properties of the moon, whether position or luminosity and so on, have any impact on weather has long since been debunked. However, for the purposes of a data analytics exercise the availability of easily accessible data on lunar properties and the attributes of storms by date, does make for interesting analysis. We will be using the incredible R programming language to analyze and visualize our data using packages from the CRAN repository. Specifically, dplyr and lubridate from tidyverse (highly recommended), suncalc, and finally, GGally. Aside from…


This article is the first in a two part series that examines a simple example of how the principles of reference architecture relate to a fictional business. We will focus on the reference architecture here, and then the solution architecture in a later post. The example used to illustrate is a staffing company, Demo Staff Company Inc., and we will detail how directions set at the executive management level map down into the technology stack. But first, let’s set some baselines.

Reference Architecture

Reference architecture is a discipline of enterprise architecture intended to provide a common vocabulary to express implementations. A common…

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